Marcus Hiles On Austin’s Place As Top City For Young Professionals

Marcus Hiles notes that a common trait among the cities within the list was the availability of major employers in fast growing sectors like IT and healthcare along with a stronger than average young adult population. For example, in a new study from personal finance website NerdWallet, Austin was ranked as the number one city in the nation for high paying jobs and affordability. Thousands of jobs provided by Dell, Apple and IBM combine with the extensive nightlife and live music scene, and have caused young professionals from around the United States to flock to Austin. They are seeking apartments at affordable rates. “Affordability is a key part of why millenials are deciding to move to the Midwest, as opposed to job centers on the East or West coast,” explained Chief Economist of Jonathan Smoke within Construction Dive in November. “There is a huge disparity in how many dollars are needed to get a home in Des Moines versus San Francisco”.

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