Marcus Hiles – Reveals the Benefits of Environmental Responsibility on Creating Housing Communities

As an environment-friendly approach to planning and building, Marcus Hiles examines the impact of different building aspects and material on energy loss. Considering the changing temperatures in Texas, warmth should be provided in homes during winter and cooling during summer and as an answer to such concerns, Hiles uses window placement strategies. Retaining home’s heated air and cooled air at maximum level is possible through the installation of shading devices, frames that keep air from escaping, and windows with the appropriate solar coefficient. This is an effective way to increase cost savings and at the same time reduce carbon emissions. Hiles adds radiant roof panels to the homes in order to keep roof and air ducts from absorbing much heat from the sun’s rays, which in turn reduce five to ten percent of cooling costs. To further increase the energy saving capabilities of homes, he includes the installation of air conditioning systems with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) that goes beyond the mandates of governing bodies. Apart from the further carbon reductions, energy savings among inhabitants in Western Rim Property Services communities have reached over $420,000.

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