Mega Moolah For Android

Leading software developer for mobile gaming, Spin3, recently launched Mega Moolah for Android in conjunction with Microgaming. In February 2011 the company released the Tomb Raider slot game, also for Android. At that time, the CEO of the company announced that in 2011, Android will dominate the mobile marketplace.

He also divulged that Mega Moolah and Mermaids Millions will be the next Microgaming slot games to be converted to the Android platform. Mega Moolah is currently the world’s largest progressive slots game. The new Android version presents fun gaming with rich graphics, detailed animations, and vivid sound effects. The game features a variety of bonus games such as the Free Spins bonus game which triples all payouts.

The most important game is the Jackpot Bonus game which gives players access to one of four different progressive jackpots available through the Android market. Spin3 has optimized the mobile version of the game to run on all Android devices including smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, the mobile software is optimized for the following screen resolutions:

  • Low resolution – 240 x 3220
  • Normal resolution – 320 x 480
  • Medium resolution – 480 x 800
  • High resolution – 600 x 1024

Mobile devices and tablets are currently the fastest growing technologies. As a result, Spin3 considers high-quality Android hardware and software to be critical to the success of its mobile gaming business strategy. Additionally, with so many Android users, the market can easily support itself and allow mobile gaming technology to rapidly grow.

Mega Moolah will give Android users a chance to compete for one of the biggest jackpots in the industry – 2.3 million credits and growing. Over the past several years Mega Moolah progressive jackpot has turned eight players into millionaires with the largest winning 6.37 million Euros.

A division of Spiral Solutions, LTD, Spin3 has teamed up with Microgaming to offer players mobile gaming solutions. This includes real money and fun casino systems, sports betting mobile apps, lottery products, marketing services, and many other innovative marketing technologies at the forefront of mobile gaming.

As handheld devices become more powerful and telecommunications networks improve performance and capacity, more activities will be conducted. Mobile gaming is on the cusp of experiencing a huge explosion of growth in the coming years. Spin3 is already on the ground level preparing for that growth. In the future, the mobile gambling industry will be one of the largest money-makers in the world.

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